We provide semi-independent supported living accommodation for looked after young people and care leavers aged 16 - 18yrs old (can be extended past 18 if required). Our objective is to provide a ‘stepping-stone’ between care and the move on to total independence. The service promotes safety, emotional well-being, community integration and appropriate self-determination. We aim to provide a service that enables the young person to, as far as possible, experience what they will encounter when living fully Independently.

Carebank Healthcare offers a wraparound service to young people with medium to high support needs, who may require additional support in relation to: Mental health, Substance misuse, Emotional and behavioural difficulties, Self care and independence skills, Education, employment and training, Community integration.

At Carebank Healthcare we aim to support local authorities in their duty to safeguard & promote the welfare of young people looked after and leaving care, by providing sufficient accommodation that meets the needs of looked after young people, thus ensuring improved outcomes for this vulnerable group. Carebank Healthcare share the vision of: Right Placement, Place and Time

We share the belief that this is a vital factor in improving placement stability, which in turn is a critical success factor in relation to better outcomes for looked after young people and those making the transition from care.

Carebank Healthcare provides a high standard of accommodation, and have a dedicated multidisciplinary staff team who are committed to supporting young people to develop the social, emotional, and practical skills they will need to enable them to make a successful transition from care to independent living, and become responsible members of their own community, and wider society.

Young people living away from home; foster care or residential provisions for the first time often lack the practical life skills they need to be able to achieve and sustain independent living. Alongside this, some young people are very often dealing with issues of loss and transition, complicated further by mental health and substance misuse problems.

At Carebank Healthcare each young person is provided with stable quality accommodation, and given a tailor-made support package delivered by qualified workers with specialist knowledge. Carebank Healthcare focus is to support the young person to address any issues identified that may be impacting on their welfare, whilst equipping them to become independent young people, making positive lifestyle choices.