Keeping NHS wards covered

Our extensive resources allow us to provide a comprehensive range of qualified, competent nursing staff across the NHS on short and long term contracts.

Homecare: A cost effective recovery for hospital patients

We can give NHS Trusts and hospitals access to fully qualified and vetted nurses, healthcare assistants and care workers; so patients can receive care at home that would traditionally be given on the ward. And the shorter hospital stays means reduced waiting lists and lower costs

We provide our clients with the most experienced and highly sought after health care professionals in the industry.

•We have streamlined our administration processes to provide our clients with the greatest value at the lowest cost.

•We offer single contract options or discounted bundles.

In partnership with the Primary Care Trusts

Our commitment to innovative solutions means we continue to provide maximum support to Primary Care Trusts, whose responsibility is to extend care to individuals within the community environment. In practice this means supplying healthcare staff that play a key role with patients that do not require hospitalisation but have an ongoing need for care in the home. Our work includes setting up new care structures and providing continuity of care for the duration of the treatment period. Working in partnership, our PCT clients can be assured of a reliable, seamless extension to their team.

Support work in learning disabilities and mental health

It takes specialist skills to work in learning disabilities and mental health. And at Care Bank, we have a comprehensive range of fully qualified care and support workers available to meet the varied needs of today care market. Working on the principles of person centered planning and citizenship our values and working practices are routed in our philosophy of social inclusion, independence, dignity & privacy, responsiveness, safety and freedom from discrimination and prejudice for all our clients

Supplying staff to nursing and care homes
We are committed to providing staff at every level, with the relevant skills and experience to allow nursing and care homes to deliver the highest standards at all times even if you are faced with unexpected staff shortages. Our flexible solutions means you can always have the cover.

   Specialist Social Services solutions

Throughout the UK, Social Services need a diverse range of care and support workers equipped with specialist skills. First Choice Professionals can give you access to a wide range of personnel, where and when you need them. Whether this is on an adhoc basis or working closely as a full member of the care team on continuing care packages, we offer appropriate levels of care and support to allow service users to live as independently as possible, and as valued members of the community

                     Live in care

We can provide a live in care worker for you, living with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can be supported just in the way you require. This 24 hour live in support enables individuals and couples to stay in the comfort of their own home, sustaining their routineness of life, preserving independence whilst being supported in every way required. Housework, shopping, meal preparation, personal care and anything else that is required; for each person this will be different and we are flexible in the way we work with you.