Learning disability support services
      Delivering positive outcomes for people with learning difficulties

Our services at a glance
• Specialist residential care, respite and day opportunities
• Innovative support programmes in a safe and caring environment
• Independent living in safe accommodation
• Supported living and community outreach transition services
• Support in accessing education and paid employment prospects
• Progression through a care pathway that fulfills each individual’s maximum potential
• Choices for the people we support that encompass each individual’s needs to achieve positive outcomes and make a transition to more independent living

Delivering positive outcomes for people with learning difficulties

                          Flexible packages give individual choice

Carebank Healthcare, we understand that people with learning disabilities can face challenges in understanding new or complex information, learning new skills or coping with everyday life. In its mildest form a person may live completely independently but find learning new skills more of a challenge than others.
Those with more severe, profound or additional disabilities often require more specialist support on a longer term basis. As a condition, learning disability affects the brain’s ability to receive and process information which can make it problematic for a person to learn as quickly or in the same way as someone who is not affected by a learning disability. People with a learning disability may have trouble performing specific types of skills or completing tasks if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional ways. We support and empower individuals with a wide range of learning disabilities who may also have other complex needs associated with challenging behaviour, complex physical
disability, sensory or healthcare needs often requiring adapted environments or support arrangements to provide stability and limit damaging rejections, unplanned upheavals and placement breakdown. The more stable each
individual’s placement is, the better outcomes are likely to be.


                                               Care pathways

By encouraging people to take control and have belief in their potential, we can make positive outcomes a reality for everyone, regardless of age or presumed ability, by creating pathways that support individuals through residential
to community living, delivering measureable results for both local authorities and the people who use our services. At the heart of our care pathways we provide
person-centred and innovative choices that encompass each individual’s needs to achieve positive outcomes and make a transition to more independent living, providing just enough support whilst caring for each person with dignity and respect. Above all, enabling people to lead fulfilled, independent lives is what we are all about, and by working together, we can make a real and lasting difference.

                      Flexible packages give individual choice

We provide people that have a learning disability with support to access a range of specialist residential and housing options based on their choices and what best suits their needs, including living in their own homes. Our focus is on innovative, needs-led services, driving for greater independence.

Our services include:

                                   Residential services

Tailored, personalised support for people with learning disabilities, mostly in small, homely environments that allow our trained, friendly and dedicated staff to focus on providing the right amount of support in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

                                 Respite and day services

Specialist services which offer bespoke support and enablement for up to six individuals who, in addition to their learning disability, have additional support needs associated with autism, challenging behaviour, complex health needs or
additional disabilities.


                                         Supported living

Innovative support, highly focused on supporting people to be as independent as possible within their own homes and in the local community. We support and encourage individuals with household tasks, going shopping and managing money,
as well as accessing local facilities like leisure centres and libraries, and to fulfill their education or employment wishes.

                              Delivering a personalised approach

Carebank Healthcare, we believe it is important to develop and sustain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of learning disabilities. To ensure this is available to staff teams across the country we have established a specialist
Learning Disability Team headed by a Quality Assurance lead, providing a dedicated focus on the overarching strategy for good learning disability practice established. We aim to support everyone to fulfill their goals and ambitions. We understand that working can be a great way of improving people’s self esteem, increasing confidence and improving social skills, which is why we always aim to
support individuals to find either paid or voluntary work. Nationally, approximately 65% of people with a learning disability want a job, but only 7% have one. Voluntary work can be rewarding in its own right and dependent upon the individual, can also be a great pathway to paid employment. With this in mind, we support individuals to access education and to find employment. A large number of our service users with a learning disability are in paid employment, or have accessed voluntary work/education.