Positive Behaviour Support Services

Delivering Positive Behaviour Support for people with challenging behaviour

                                        Our services at a glance
• Innovative support programmes in a safe and caring environment
• Specialist residential care, respite and day opportunities
• Independent living in safe accommodation
• Supported living and community outreach transition services
• Support to access education and to paid employment prospects
• Progression through a care pathway that fulfills each individual’s maximum potential

Positive Behaviour Support enabling positive outcomes for people who challenge

Challenging behaviour is a function of the interaction between the person (involving their physiological, emotional and cognitive state, as well as their public behaviour) and their current environment (which includes the physical
setting and other people). It is usually defined by reference to the relative intensity, frequency and duration of a problematic behaviour, and by the likelihood of that behaviour leading to harm or impairment.

At Carebank Healthcare, we specialise in supporting people who sometimes display behaviours that other people may find challenging (challenging behaviour) by adopting a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach. This fundamentally underpins our understanding that behaviour is functional for people, it always serves a purpose.

Furthermore, PBS blends person-centred values with empirically based and research validated behavioural science (Applied Behaviour Analysis) to deliver an approach to intervention that is proactive, constructional and educational
in nature.

We understand that people who may present challenging behaviour can face difficulties in understanding information, learning new skills or coping with everyday life. We therefore seek to develop an understanding of the meaning of each person’s behaviour so we can utilise proactive, active and reactive responses, teach skills and support lifestyle changes.

                         Positive Behaviour Support pathways

Our Positive Behaviour Support specialist team works together with both our Learning Disability and Autism. Advisors to closely engage key support staff to design a range of interventions that highlight the importance of relationships and stress the importance of listening. The complementing focus on person-centred support ensures that we also engage closely with the individual and also, as part of the wider context, others such as family and friends.

We support and empower individuals with a wide range of complex needs associated with challenging behaviour, that often require adapted
environments or support arrangements to provide stability and limit damaging rejections, unplanned upheavals and placement breakdown. Labelling an
individual’s behaviour as challenging adds little to our understanding of how that behaviour functions in the person adapting to their world. Interactional challenges alerts us to the necessity of being able to look beyond these behaviours often to others in their immediate environment and by encouraging people to take control and have belief in their potential, we can make positive
outcomes a reality for everyone with challenging behaviour, regardless of age or presumed ability.

We employ a Positive Behaviour Support pathway, delivering measurable results for both local authorities and for the people who use our services. We believe
that successful and enduring therapeutic interventions are those that avoid addressing only the specific problem behaviour but also adopt methods which aim
to ‘support and correct’, optimising communication and addressing behavioural interventions to stabilise each individual’s placement – the more stable each
individual’s placement is, the better the outcomes are likely to be.

Further to this, we understand that quality Positive Behaviour Support and the associated outcomes must be supported by a larger holistic framework. Therefore, as well as an unrelenting focus on the individual, we invest significant time and resource into high quality bespoke environments, the training and support of direct support staff, the importance of management and leadership and the use of systems and supports to demonstrate accurate and durable implementation of PBS outcomes.

Carebank Healthcare are committed to multi-agency working; our focus is on innovative, needs-led services, driving for greater independence, to provide a range of specialist services with valuable input from service users and their families to offer all individuals with challenging behaviour, better outcomes and wider opportunities. At the heart of our care pathways, service users are key to shaping our services so that we provide person-centred and innovative choices that encompass each individual’s needs to achieve positive outcomes and make a transition to more independent living. We provide just enough support whilst caring for each person with dignity and respect. Above all, enabling people to lead fulfilled, independent lives iswhat we are all about.